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Store Fulfillment

Elevate your retail operations with our app, empowering store associates to effortlessly fulfil online orders.

Unlock unparalleled efficiency in retail operations and create seamless, memorable shopping journeys with our advanced Store Fulfillment software for retailers.

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Why is Store Fulfillment important in retail ?

Efficient and effective store fulfillment is a critical component of customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Store Fulfillment is pivotal in bridging the gap between online shopping and physical store operations, offering customers flexibility and convenience while optimizing inventory management.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Provides a seamless bridge between online and in-store experiences, offering convenience and flexibility to customers.

Improved Operational Effciency

Streamlines the fulfillment process, reducing time and effort for store associates, and optimizing inventory management.

Increased Sales Opportunities

Encourages additional purchases during pickup and fosters customer loyalty.

Grow your sales with Bayretail™'s Store Fulfillment Feature

Bayretail™'s Store Fulfillment features


Empower store associates with the ability to manage Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS) order lifecycles directly within the app. This feature streamlines the process, allowing associates to efficiently handle order fulfillment, customer pickups and cancellations.

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Empower store associates to directly manage Ship-from-Store orders within the app, optimizing fulfillment. Streamline the process, from processing to packaging and shipping, enhancing retail efficiency and inventory management.

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Fully integrated with Salesforce Order Management

Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce Order Management for streamlined workflows, real-time order tracking, inventory management, and efficient fulfillment.

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Benoit Courtade

Chief Digital Officer at YellowKorner

"The missing piece in the phygital experience.
To combine the power of automation and the emotion of our galleries, YellowKorner leverages Bayretail to bring the experience to the next level. A must have app."

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What is an example of Store Fulfillment feature implementation?


How Bayretail Boosted In-Store Efficiency for a Lingerie Retailer?

Princesse tam.tam, a notable French lingerie brand with a network of 90 stores, faced a significant challenge in their order fulfillment process. The brand's Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS) service, while popular, led to a cumbersome and time-consuming process for store associates.

Princesse tam.tam implemented Bayretail's Store Fulfillment features across its stores, revolutionizing how they managed in-store order fulfillment:
• Streamlined Order Ready Reporting : Associates could effortlessly report when online orders were ready for in-store pickup.
• Efficient Order Pick-Up Management : The system enabled associates to track when orders were picked up by customers.
• Proactive Order Management : Associates received alerts for uncollected orders and could engage in customer outreach, enhancing customer service.
• Flexible Order Cancellation: : The ability to cancel uncollected orders easily, initiating the refund process and updating the store's inventory.

The adoption of Bayretail's Store Fulfillment solution led to a staggering 50% increase in productivity. This was achieved by:
• Easily Confirming Order Collection : Acting as a mobile interface for their Order Management System (OMS), the app allowed associates to manage Click&Collect requests seamlessly and update the OMS when orders were collected.
• Simplified Click & Collect Management : The platform provided simple, user-friendly tools to handle Click & Collect requests, reducing the complexity of managing in-store pickups.
• Efficient Handling of Shipments : The app enabled associates to easily manage the receipt of shipments from other locations, further streamlining the store's operations.

By implementing Bayretail’s Store Fulfillment, Princesse tam.tam not only streamlined their in-store operations but also significantly enhanced their overall productivity. This solution empowered their associates to manage online order fulfillment more efficiently, offering a seamless experience for both employees and customers.

Grow your sales with Bayretail™'s Store Fulfillment Feature

Why Bayretail™'s Store Fulfillment Feature ?




Order Fulfillment Time


Inventory Shrinkage


Employee Productivity

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