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Power your Omnichannel Journey with Bayretail™ Consumer App

Elevate your retail experience with our seamless Consumer App. Unify online and offline channels, personalize shopping journeys, and empower customers like never before.

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Why do you need a Consumer App vs. Custom Dev ?

Native retail mobile app offer a unique opportunity to build customer loyalty, drive store traffic and boost sales.

Limited upfront CAPEX

Lower TCO over 3 years

Faster to deploy


Continuous innovation

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Customer Loyalty and Sales Boost

Native mobile shopping apps create opportunities to enhance customer loyalty, increase store traffic, and boost sales.

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From idea to reality in 6 weeks with our mobile app for retail industry

Bayretail™ delivers a mobile application for retail industry, boosting online conversions, store traffic, and customer loyalty without the time-consuming app development.

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Far better than any other Salesforce Commerce Cloud Mobile App Agency

Bayretail Consumer App is a SAAS mobile application that gives superpowers to store associates. This is what make us deliver unique approach and expertise in crafting tailored solutions for our clients.

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AI Virtual Stylist

A conversational chatbot who leverages customer data to provide tailored assistance anytime.

Personalized assistance

Streamlined experience

Increased sales

Tailored recommendations

24/7 availability

Data-driven insights

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Built on Salesforce Headless Commerce APIs

Ensuring a seamless and efficient shopping experience that drives online conversions and fosters customer loyalty.

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x5 faster to deploy compared to custom development.

Revolutionize your online business with our Ecommerce Mobile App with Admin Panel, streamlining product management, order tracking, and customization. Pair it with our Mobile Retail POS Solution for swift transactions, real-time inventory, and seamless customer interactions, driving sales and satisfaction. With Bayretail™, transform your retail app idea into reality in just six weeks, enhancing conversions and customer loyalty without the hassle.

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30% lower TCO over 3 years compared to custom development.

Opting for a Consumer App, specifically a retail mobile app, is a cost-effective strategy for businesses. It fosters loyalty, drives traffic, and boosts sales. With lower upfront costs and a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over three years, it's a financially prudent choice. The app's swift deployment and business-friendly approach make it practical. Continuous innovation ensures competitiveness without the high expenses of custom development, making it a budget-conscious option for digital retail.

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x3 conversion rate compared to mobile websites.

The Mobile App for Retail Store features a captivating and user-friendly interface, driving high adoption and conversions. We've personalized the browsing experience based on customer groups, utilizing existing Campaigns and Customer Groups in Commerce Cloud. Additionally, for the online store mobile app, we've streamlined homepage customization for merchants with easy drag-and-drop components from Commerce Cloud add-ons, enhancing visual appeal and user experience.

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Benefits for your business:


conversion rate compared to mobile websites


faster to deploy compared to custom development


lower TCO over 3 years compared to custom development

Don't take our word for it, here's what people say about us !

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"5 stars partner"

What a pleasure to work with the Bayretail™ team. A company that really listens and care about his customers. It is a trusted partner which we do not hesitate to consult for their advice and expertise.


Jonathan Chevalier

IT Retail Manager

"Great partnership !"

Super collaboration with Bayretail™ teams to develop a Clienteling Mobile App, in order to improve our client service instore and allow proactive clienteling actions. Bayretail™ has proven being a trustful partner !


Paul Flacassier

CRM Manager

"When operational excellence meets with innovative vision"

Specialized in Ecommerce, we wanted to leverage on our Salesforce ecosystem. We have launched a MVP of Bayretail™ in a bit more than a month and was effortless.


Thomas Lhumeau

Omnichannel Project Manager

“A great partner !”

Lanvin is pleased by the help of Bayretail™. They managed to develop for us a qualitative solution which allows us to develop our clienteling actions.


Yacine Jamoui

Clientelling & Retail Analyst

“Great retail app !”

Very practical and intuitive tool for the retail teams, the application allows a better follow-up of the customer experience.


Richard Fettaya

Chief Executive Officer


Revolutionize Your Retail Business with Cutting-Edge Retail Ecommerce Software

Discover the power of our advanced Retail Ecommerce Software that streamlines your online store operations, enhances customer experience, and drives higher sales. Maximize your potential in the competitive retail landscape with our feature-rich solution.

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