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Bayretail™ is natively built on Salesforce and extends its capabilities to meet the needs of retailers.

Unlock unparalleled retail potential and craft unforgettable customer journeys with our advanced Clienteling Platform, designed to revolutionize the retail experience.

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Why is Clienteling Platform important in retail ?

Bayretail™ seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, extending its powerful functionalities to meet the specific demands of the retail industry. Our platform empowers retailers to enhance their operations and provide exceptional service to their customers.

Personalized Customer Experience

They enable personalized shopping experiences by leveraging detailed customer data, fostering stronger relationships and customer loyalty.

Increased Sales Opportunities

These platforms empower sales associates to make tailored product recommendations based on customer preferences and history, increasing the chances of sales and upselling.

Omnichannel Consistency

Clienteling Platforms ensure a seamless and consistent customer experience across all shopping channels, aligning with modern consumers' expectations for integrated online and offline interactions.

Grow your sales with Bayretail™'s Clienteling Platform Feature

Bayretail™'s Clienteling Platform features

App Branding

Easily tailor the app's visual identity to your retail brand. Customize colors, logos, and features, ensuring a consistent and immersive experience for your associates.

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User Management

Effortlessly manage user roles and profiles with our User Management feature. Customize access levels, permissions, and profiles to match your organization's structure.

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Multi-brand Management

Efficiently equip multiple brands through a single app. The app dynamically retrieves relevant branding settings, feature configurations, and data based on the logged-in user, streamlining operations and lowering maintenance costs.

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Flow Builder

Create and tailor workflows for task automation and notifications using our intuitive Flow Builder. Streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure timely notifications, all without the need for complex coding.

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Template Builder

Empower business users to easily manage SMS, email, and WhatsApp templates. Customize content, design, and branding for impactful messages. Streamline communication processes, maintain brand consistency, and engage audiences effectively.

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Store Campaign Builder

Empower business users to craft targeted activation campaigns for specific stores. Customize messages to resonate with local audiences, amplifying sales impact and elevating local marketing efforts through Store Campaigns.

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Sebastien Zins

Head of Sales France at Salesforce

"Great vision & innovation solution complementary to Salesforce core offering & vision for helping clients to
- Break silos between on line & physical commerce
- Transform in-store Customer expérience from Loyalty to Check-out
- Perfect retail industry it on Salesforce"

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What is an example of Clienteling Platform?


Enhancing Customer Loyalty through Clienteling at Sézane

Sézane, a distinguished DNVB (Digitally Native Vertical Brand) in the fashion sector with a presence across Europe and the USA, is renowned for its innovative customer gift strategy. Keen to evolve beyond this approach, Sézane aimed to develop a deeper, more human connection with its customers by establishing a team of clienteling champions.

To achieve this goal, Sézane embraced Bayretail’s Clienteling Platform, a strategic move that transformed their customer engagement approach:
• In-Depth Customer Insights : The clienteling champions at Sézane were empowered with access to comprehensive customer information, enabling them to understand customer preferences and behaviors in detail.
• Proactive Customer Engagement : The platform equipped the champions with tools to conduct targeted customer outreach activities. These activities were designed to go beyond standard giveaways, fostering a deeper connection and intimacy between customers and the Sézane brand.
• Empowering Personalized Interactions : By leveraging the platform, the champions were able to personalize interactions based on customer data, making each engagement more meaningful and effective.

The deployment of Bayretail’s Clienteling Platform led to remarkable outcomes:
• Increase in Repurchase Rates : There was a notable +20% increase in repurchase rates, signifying enhanced customer loyalty and satisfaction due to the personalized and humanized shopping experiences provided.
• Real-Time Performance Tracking : The platform allowed Sézane’s management to monitor the performance of clienteling efforts in real time, both from the headquarters and in-store. This feature ensured that customer engagement strategies were continually optimized based on real-time data and feedback.

By integrating Bayretail’s Clienteling Platform, Sézane not only achieved a significant improvement in customer loyalty and repurchase rates but also set a new standard in personalized customer engagement. This strategy marked a pivotal shift in how the brand interacts with its customers, solidifying its position as a customer-centric leader in the fashion retail industry.

Grow your sales with Bayretail™'s Clienteling Platform Feature

Why Bayretail™'s Clienteling Platform Feature ?


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