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Multichannel Communication

Elevate customer engagement seamlessly through our integrated multichannel communications features.

Unlock new sales opportunities and create unforgettable shopping experiences through our advanced Multichannel Communication platform, designed to enhance customer engagement and interaction for retailers.

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Why is Multichannel Communication important in retail ?

Effective communication is key to enhancing customer experiences and driving sales. Multichannel Communication allows retail brands to engage with customers across various platforms, ensuring a consistent and personalized approach to customer service and marketing.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Offering multiple channels of communication caters to customer preferences, leading to increased satisfaction.

Improved Engagement

Reaching customers through their preferred channels increases the chances of engagement and conversion.

Consistency Across Channels

Ensures brand messaging and customer experience are uniform across all communication platforms.

Grow your sales with Bayretail™'s Multichannel Communication Feature

Bayretail™'s Multichannel Communication features

Unified Inbox

Experience the convenience of our Unified Inbox feature, offering store associates a centralized hub within the app to effortlessly view both inbound and outbound multichannel communications. Seamlessly access messages, interactions, and engagements, all in one place.

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Multichannel Support

Experience the versatility of our communication capabilities, supporting SMS, Video Calls, WhatsApp, Email interactions, and more to come. Seamlessly connect with customers across various channels, providing convenience and choice in communication.

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Automated Client Matching

Experience the power of Automated Client Matching, where clients are automatically matched when receiving inbound messages. Seamlessly enhance customer engagement by instantly connecting associates with the right clients.

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Automated Conversation Assignment

Efficiently assign conversations to store associates based on client portfolios, enhancing customer engagement by directing interactions to the most relevant associate for personalized service.

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Conversation History

Securely store cross-channel interactions within the platform. Store associates can access past conversations effortlessly, ensuring continuity and personalized service across different communication channels.

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Communication Templates

Effortlessly streamline interactions with our multichannel Communication Templates feature. Store associates gain access to pre-designed templates for consistent and efficient communication.

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Thomas Lhumeau

Omnichannel Project Manager at SÉZANE

"Our collaboration with Bayretail quickly integrated BayRetail's Multichannel Communication into our Salesforce ecosystem. This enhancement has streamlined our operations and enriched client interactions, marking a significant step in elevating our retail experience"

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What is an example of Multichannel Communication feature implementation?


Multichannel Communication in High Fashion Retail

Lanvin, a global high fashion brand faced the imperative of boosting productivity and performance in their stores, which constituted over 90% of their business activity. Reinventing the in-store shopping experience was crucial in their journey towards digital transformation. The brand sought to create a seamless, integrated shopping journey that resonated with their high-end clientele.

The solution needed to:
Cover the entire purchasing process, from appointment scheduling to browsing the catalog, proceeding through checkout, and encompassing customer service.
Be user-friendly to ensure quick adoption by retail sales associates.
Base its processes on a unified customer profile to create an end-to-end seamless experience.

Bayretail™ successfully conducted 4 in-store A/B test experiences, leading to the decision to deploy the solution across all Lanvin boutiques. Key performance indicators included sales, average order value (AOV), units per transaction (UPT), conversion rates, and overall satisfaction scores.

Key to this transformation was the integration of Bayretail™'s Multichannel Communication features. This included:
• SMS and Email Templates : Enabling sales associates to efficiently communicate with customers, offering a personalized and consistent brand experience.
• Unified Communication Platform : Streamlining all customer interactions through a single, user-friendly platform, enhancing the efficiency of the sales team.

The implementation of Bayretail™'s Multichannel Communication solution led to a significant +35% increase in the repurchase rate, demonstrating the effectiveness of personalized, seamless communication in enhancing customer loyalty and driving sales in the high-end retail sector.

Grow your sales with Bayretail™'s Multichannel Communication Feature

Why Bayretail™'s Multichannel Communication Feature ?


Customer Acquisition cost


Abandoned Cart rate


Customer Satisfaction rate


Response rate

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