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Data Capture

Experience the ease of seamless in-store data collection, unlocking doors to meaningful customer engagement.

Unlock strategic insights and enhance customer engagement with Data Capture, transforming in-store interactions into valuable opportunities for retailers.

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Why is Data Capture Feature important in retail ?

Effective and efficient data capture is crucial for deepening customer relationships and driving engagement. Bayretail's Data Capture feature offers a suite of tools designed to simplify and enhance the process of collecting and managing customer data in-store.

Enhanced Customer Understanding

Accurate data capture allows retailers to gather crucial information about their customers, such as shopping preferences, purchase history, and behavior patterns. This understanding is essential for personalizing the shopping experience and tailoring marketing efforts to individual needs.

Efficient Operations and Inventory Management

By capturing real-time data on sales, stock levels, and customer demand, retailers can optimize their inventory management, reduce waste, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Informed Decision Making and Strategy Development

Data captured from various customer interactions provides valuable insights that inform strategic decisions. Retailers can use this data to identify trends, make informed choices about product placement, promotions, and store layout, and ultimately drive sales and business growth.

Grow your sales with Bayretail™'s Data Capture Feature

Bayretail™'s Data Capture features

Self-Registration Form

Experience seamless customer enrollment through our Self-Registration Form. Effortlessly gather essential data, enhance security, and promote global accessibility with multilingual support. Tailor the form to your needs, and build trust through transparent consent management.

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Form Builder

Empower your team to create tailored forms effortlessly. Design customized forms to capture essential data, ensuring flexibility and accuracy in data collection. With an intuitive interface, streamline your workflow and adapt to changing requirements seamlessly.

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Dynamic Form Links

Create forms that not only capture data efficiently but also automatically assign customers to the relevant store associate. Streamline your processes by allowing associates to effortlessly share form links through QR codes or messages, while ensuring accurate data management.

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In-App Customer Creation

Seamlessly create new customers directly within the app while ensuring precise consent management through digital signatures. Additionally, newly created customers are automatically assigned to the store associate, streamlining your workflow efficiently.

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In-App Customer Editing

Effortlessly modify customer information within the app, update details, capture preferences, and ensure data accuracy, all while enhancing efficiency.

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POS Integration

Push newly created customers, whether through in-app creation or the self-registration form, directly to your POS system using APIs. Achieve real-time synchronization between customer data and your POS, ensuring accurate and updated information across platforms.

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Nicolas Cordier

Global CEO at Byredo

"This powerful tool enabled us to collect and unify client data efficiently, laying the groundwork for a seamless shopping experience. Thanks to Bayretail Data Capture Feature, we can now effortlessly connect the dots between shopper needs and our beauty advisors' expertise, all through a best-in-class mobile application. It's a game-changer for offering personalized beauty solutions to our customers."

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What is an example of Data Capture feature implementation?


Enhancing Data Capture for In-Depth Customer Insights at Byredo

Byredo, a prestigious European luxury brand in beauty and apparel, with a presence in over 40 countries, faced the challenge of expanding and enriching its customer database. The brand aimed to leverage its extensive store network as a primary tool for gathering valuable customer information, a crucial step in understanding and serving its clientele more effectively.

To address this, Byredo turned to Bayretail’s Data Capture feature:
• In-Depth Customer Information Access : Bayretail enabled Byredo's store employees to access and collect comprehensive customer information, facilitating the gathering of valuable insights.
• Efficient Customer Record Creation : Store associates were empowered to quickly create new customer records in the system.
• QR Code for Easy Self-Registration : The innovative use of QR codes allowed customers to self-register, simplifying the data collection process and enhancing the customer experience.
• Seamless POS System Integration : The newly created customer records were automatically synchronized with Byredo’s POS system. This integration linked customer purchases directly to their profiles, enriching the customer database.

The implementation of Bayretail’s Data Capture feature led to remarkable outcomes:
• High Retail Sales Assignment Rate : Byredo achieved an impressive 83% rate of retail sales being assigned to customer profiles.
• Enhanced Customer Database : The enriched customer database provided Byredo with deeper insights into customer preferences and buying behaviors.
• Streamlined Data Collection : The ease of data collection through the app and QR code self-registration significantly enhanced the efficiency of Byredo’s in-store operations.

By leveraging Bayretail’s Data Capture capabilities, Byredo successfully transformed its stores into powerful hubs for customer data collection. This strategic move not only enriched their customer database but also provided the insights needed to deliver more personalized services and offerings, thereby reinforcing Byredo's position as a leader in the luxury retail sector.

Grow your sales with Bayretail™'s Data Capture Feature

Why Bayretail™'s Data Capture Feature ?


Enhanced Customer Understanding


Efficient Operations and Inventory Management


Informed Decision Making and Strategy Development


Sales Performance

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