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What to expect in Bayretail™ Spring 2024 Release

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Bayretail Data Quality Check

Where accuracy meets efficiency.

Automated Suggestions for Accuracy: When a new customer completes a self-registration form, our system springs into action to ensure the accuracy of the information provided. Through advanced algorithms, we automatically detect and suggest improvements for email address domains, phone numbers, and addresses. This ensures that your data is not just entered quickly but is also correct from the get-go. By incorporating the Data Quality Check feature into our platform, we're empowering you to maintain a database that is not only comprehensive but also reliable. With accurate data at your fingertips, you can make more informed decisions, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth

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Bayretail Embedded Communication Auto-response

Bayretail Embedded Communication Auto-response: Build Trust Instantly.

Customizable Automatic Responses

Legal Compliance and Peace of Mind

Simplified Customer Profile Management

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Bayretail KPI Builder

Bayretail KPI Builder - Drag & Drop : Unleashes Your Data into Dynamic Dashboards.

Effortless Dashboard Creation

Tailored Insights for Your Team

Empowering Decision-Making

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"5 stars partner"

What a pleasure to work with Bayretail™. A trusted partner which we do not hesitate to consult for their expertise.

Jonathan Chevalier
IT Retail Manager
"Great partnership !"

Super collaboration with Bayretail™ teams to develop a Clienteling Mobile App in order to improve our client service instore. Bayretail™ has proven being a trustful partner !

Paul Flacassier
CRM Manager
"When operational excellence meets with innovative vision"

We wanted to leverage on our Salesforce ecosystem. We launched Bayretail™ in a bit more than a month: it was effortless.

Thomas Lhumeau
Omnichannel Project Manager
"A great partner"

Lanvin is pleased by the help of Bayretail™. They managed to develop for us a qualitative solution which allows us to develop our clienteling actions.

Yacine Jamaoui
Clienteling & Retail Analyst
"Great retail app"

Very practical and intuitive tool for the retail teams, the application allows a better follow-up of the customer experience.

Richard Fettaya
Chief Executive Officer

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