Product News | Bayretail Spring 23' Release

We are excited to announce the general availability of our Spring’23 release.

Product News | Bayretail Spring 23' Release

Bayretail Spring 23' Release

Client List Builder

We are excited to introduce our first new feature: the Client List Builder!

This feature allows store associates to filter the customer database and create their own dynamic and static customer lists directly from within the Bayretail app. With the Client List Builder, store associates can easily target customers based on various criteria, such as segmentation, purchase behavior, contactability, and preferences.

This enables them to create personalized lists to tailor their clienteling approach to different customer groups.

Email Templet & Sends (1:1)

Make customer loyalty effortlessly!

Our Email Templet & Sends feature empowers store associates to take advantage of predefined email templates provided by their headquarters and customize them with personal messages, product information, photos, and attachments. By doing so, they can send personalized emails to their customers and provide an even more enjoyable shopping experience.

With Bayretail, store associates can easily send products that customers added to their wishlist during their shopping session, promote new products, send VIP event invitations, and personalized offers. It's a win-win situation for both store associates and customers, as they get to stay up-to-date with the latest offers while enjoying a tailored shopping experience.

With this new feature, we're confident that our associates will provide excellent customer service and drive sales like never before!

SMS Template

Build up your customer loyalty with just a few clicks!

Sales associates can now leverage predefined and personalized SMS template provided by the headquarter in their 1:1 communciation with customers.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Vonage, which enables us to enhance the SMS feature through the Bayretail app. This partnership allows for SMS sending and tracking of all interactions, making it effortless for our associates to keep track of historical conversations. Additionally, it provides additional engagement KPIs for the headquarter.

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