How Bayretail™️ helped a major art photography brand increase conversions

Learn how YellowKorner uses Bayretail™️ to connect gallerists and art lovers.

How Bayretail™️ helped a major art photography brand increase conversions

What were their challenges?

YellowKorner was created by two friends, Alexandre de Metz and Paul-Antoine Briat, both passionate about photography since childhood. In 2006, they came up with an idea and an ambition: to make art photography accessible for all and to make YellowKorner the leading publisher of art photography. Since then, YellowKorner has opened more than 130 galleries around the world.

Unlike traditional retail, the purchase of art photography is a deliberate, sometimes slow, process. Clients consider not only the piece of art but also the location in which it will be displayed. YellowKorner did not have the right tools to manage this time-consuming sales process and was looking to:

  • Centralize online and offline data in one place
  • Continue the conversation outside the gallery walls
  • Share a staging of the art photography in the potential buyer's home
  • Monitor and follow-up on potential buyers' projects
  • Maximize customer retention and re-purchase rates


YellowKorner has successfully implemented the Bayretail™️’ managed package as a cornerstone of their proceedings. The package integrates a Single Customer View (SCV) with other Salesforce solutions, like Marketing and Commerce Clouds. The retail logic built into the Bayretail™️ managed package is customized to meet YelloKorner’s project tracking needs vs. those of a traditional shopping cart workflow, and has allowed them to accelerate deployment.

Overview of a YellowKorner gallery located in Hong Kong, China.

What has been the impact of using Bayretail™️ solutions?

With Bayretail™️ solutions, YellowKorner has improved its customer engagement capabilities, resulting in a higher conversion rate as well as a higher re-purchase rate. The solution has allowed for:

  • Full access to shopper profiles (online and offline)
  • Classification of shoppers (powered by Bayretail™️ RFM algorithms)
  • Centralization of 1:1 communication between gallery owners and potential buyers
  • Project creation and follow-ups

How did YellowKorner deploy Bayretail™️ solutions?

Bayretail™️ solutions are deployed at the headquarters level as well as in the galleries worldwide. Bayretail™️ solutions are deeply connected to YellowKorner systems and their Salesforce solutions.

“Bayretail is the missing piece in the "phygital" experience. To combine the power of automation and the emotion of our galleries, YellowKorner leverages Bayretail to bring the experience to the next level. A must have app.” Benoit Courtade, Chief Digital Officer at Yellow Korner

Communicating beyond the brick and mortar gallery

Beyond creating a Single Customer View (SCV), YellowKorner has really focused on ensuring that gallerists are able to maintain a connection with potential buyers beyond the first encounter in the brick and mortar shop. YellowKorner leverages the communication capabilities of Bayretail™️ to keep the connection active and follow-up on the client's project in a personalized manner.