How Bayretail™️ helped a major tea brand sharpen its consumer knowledge

Learn how Kusmi Tea uses Bayretail™️ to boost marketing effectiveness and customer insight.

How Bayretail™️ helped a major tea brand sharpen its consumer knowledge

What were their challenges?

Originally founded in 1867 when Pavel Kousmichoff founded the tea house in St. Petersburg, Kusmi tea success was immediate and their tea quickly became the favorite of the tsars. Since then, Kusmi Tea has grown into a major tea manufacturer with headquarters in Paris, France. Kusmi Tea is distributed among 100 boutiques across the world and online.

Kusmi Tea has reinvented itself ever since its first tea house. As its online and retail operations have grown, the company has sought to better understand its consumer data.

  • Centralize online and offline data in one place
  • Understand shoppers' buying behavior
  • Personalize outreach communication
  • Encourage repeat business

Achievement & Benefits

Kusmi Tea has successfully implemented Bayretail™️ managed package as a cornerstone to implement its Single Customer View (SCV) with other Salesforce solutions, such as Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Service Cloud. The retail logic built into Bayretail™️ managed package allowed them to accelerate their deployment and benefit from advanced segmentation capabilities through the integrated RFM segmentation engine.

What has been the impact of using Bayretail™️ solutions?

Using Bayretail™️ solutions, Kusmi Tea has improved its customer insights by consolidating consumer data in one place. Variations in customer attributes are leveraged by Salesforce Marketing Cloud to trigger a personalized customer journey. The data stored in Bayretail™️ are also used for ad-hoc consumer behavior analysis by data scientists.

  • Full access to shopper profile (online and offline)
  • Classification of shoppers (powered by Bayretail™️ RFM algorithms)
  • In-depth understanding of shopper buying habits (powered by Bayretail™️ RFM algorithms)
  • Personalized 1:1 customer journey

How did Kusmi Tea deploy Bayretail™️ solutions?

To date, Bayretail™️ is deployed at the headquarters level and primarily used by the marketing and data scientist teams. Bayretail™️ solutions are deeply connected to Kusmi Tea's Salesforce ecosystem.

“Thanks to Bayretail, we get to know more our customer and we are able to send them the right message at the right time with hight potential values, and customer satisfaction.”
Sara Tshimika, Customer Relationship Manager at Kusmi Tea

Fine tuning the 1:1 personalized communication at scale

Beyond the single customer view (SCV), Kusmi Tea focused on implementing Bayretail™️ RFM segmentation engine. Using RFM algorithms, Kusmi Tea implemented powerful aggregates to refine customer insights. Finally, shoppers are assigned to over 14 customer segments allowing for fine-grained analysis of consumer behavior. Salesforce Marketing Cloud leverages the customer attributes calculated in Bayretail™️ to trigger personalized communications at scale.