Bayretail™️ Platform

Paving the way for unified commerce by consolidating in-store and online data as well as business logic in one place.

Bayretail reprend le meilleur de l'interface Salesforce pour créer son app clientelingAvec Bayretail, offrez une expérience d'achat unique à vos clients. Notre solution de commerce unifié vous permet de gérer efficacement votre point de vente et de booster vos performances.Stars - Saaslify X Webflow Template

Unified Commerce & Clienteling on Salesforce

Built natively on the Salesforce platform, Bayretail helps retailers reinvent their store experience. With its pre-built integration capabilities and out-of-the-box mobile app, it's the fastest way to digitize a store and create “phygital” experiences in weeks rather than months.

Retail Cloud

Integrate in-store and online channels.

Mobile App

Deliver the seamless experience that modern shoppers expect.


Increase the value of your existing Salesforce investment.

Break down the silos between in-person and online

Bayretail enables retailers to quickly unify customer, product, order, and inventory data in one place. On top of enhancing the Salesforce data model, Bayretail adds retail-specific logic and pre-built integration to third-party retail solutions.

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Optimisez votre outil de vente avec Bayretail. Notre CRM magasin vous permet de gérer efficacement vos équipes et de booster vos performances grâce à une vision parcours client omnicanal.Avec Bayretail, combinez l'expérience d'achat digital et physique pour une expérience client optimale. Boostez vos ventes et améliorez l'efficacité de vos équipes grâce à notre outil de vente disponible sur mobile.

Shopper Profile

Leverage our data model to bring all your shopper data to one place.

RFM Segmentation

Harness the power of our algorithms to attain and classify shoppers.

Retail Logic

Benefit from our pre-configured retail logic that easily adapts to your needs.

Retail Ecosystem

Capitalize on our pre-built 3rd party integrations with retail systems.

Exemple d'app clienteling cosmétiqueExemple d'app clienteling cosmétique mobile

Deliver the seamless experience that modern shoppers expect

Deeply integrated into our Bayretail managed package and other Salesforce solutions, the Bayretail app blends in-store and online channels to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers and associates.

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Plug & Play

Focus on the store experience rather than custom mobile development.

Intuitive UI

Maximize user adoption with a modern and easy-to-use interface.

Device Agnostic

Deploy the Bayretail™️ app to any iOS or Android tablet or smartphone.

API Driven

Connect any third-party system to enhance the Bayretail™️ app.

Increase the value of your Salesforce investment

In addition to enhancing standard Salesforce capabilities with retail-specific logic, Bayretail acts as a mobile front-end for other Salesforce solutions to bring the power of Salesforce to stores and create outstanding shopping experiences.

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Bayretail est l'outil de vente idéal pour les magasins qui cherchent à améliorer leur parcours client omnicanal. Boostez vos performances et l'efficacité de vos équipes grâce à notre solution CRM magasin.Pour une expérience client optimale, utilisez Bayretail. Notre outil de vente vous permet de combiner l'expérience d'achat digital et physique pour booster vos ventes et améliorer l'efficacité de vos équipes.

Commerce Cloud

Harness the power of Commerce Headless APIs via the Bayretail™️ app.

Marketing Cloud

Use in-store interactions to capture shopper data and trigger journeys.

Service Cloud

Surface shopper claim requests to associates via the Bayretail™️ app.

Order Management

Deliver fulfillment request logic to associates via the Bayretail™️ app.

Built natively on Salesforce.

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