How Bayretail™️ helped a century-old luxury brand enhance its clienteling approach

Discover how LANVIN uses Bayretail™️ to streamline its high-quality sales ceremony.

How Bayretail™️ helped a century-old luxury brand enhance its clienteling approach

What were their challenges?

Created in 1889 in Paris by Jeanne Lanvin, LANVIN is a multinational luxury fashion brand with flagship stores in Europe, the United States and China. It is the third oldest French fashion house still in operation.

LANVIN has never stopped evolving since its creation and has decided to modernize its high quality sales ceremony with the help of digital tools that allow associates to better connect with modern shoppers.

  • Reinvent the in-store shopping experience as a foundation for digital transformation
  • Boost store productivity and performance by standardizing the high end sales ceremonial

Therefore, LANVIN decided to equip its associates with digital tools that are deeply connected to their business intelligence system in order to surface the complete shopper's profile.

Achievement & Benefits

LANVIN has successfully implemented Bayretail™️ solutions, the cornerstone of its customers' 360° strategy. Powered by LANVIN's BI platform, Bayretail™️ mobile app allows store employees to access rich customer information at their fingertips. In addition, LANVIN has harmonized its sales ceremonial in all stores by automating the assignment of tasks to associates based on business rules.

Overview of a LANVIN store located in Soho NYC, USA

What has been the impact of using the Bayretail™️ mobile app?

Now, with the Bayretail™️ mobile app, LANVIN store associates have access to a wide range of features and are better equipped to accommodate highly demanding shoppers.

  • Full access to shopper profile (online and offline)
  • In-depth understanding of shopper buying habits (powered by LANVIN's BI)
  • Ability to capture new customer data in-store (wishlist items, tags, shopper preferences)
  • Access to the full breath of product offerings via the digital catalog, including Look-books
  • Possibility to create follow-up tasks and receive task assignments automatically

How did LANVIN deploy the Bayretail™️ mobile app?

LANVIN's deployment of the Bayretail™️ mobile app began with a pilot store in Paris at 22 Faubourg, before rolling out the solution across the entire store network in Europe and the United States.

“LANVIN is pleased by the help of the Bayretail solution. The team managed to develop for us a qualitative solution which allows us to develop our clienteling actions.”
Yacine Jamoui, Clienteling & Retail Analyst at LANVIN

An approach accessible to everyone

LANVIN has been around for many years and has a very loyal store team, for over 30 years and not always comfortable with new technologies. With Bayretail™️, they were able to overcome this obstacle with an intuitive and easy to use mobile application!